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From the Offshore Industry to Luxury White Boats to Sailing the world and Offshore Fishing.. Through my time I have developed a love of the ocean and the many vessels available.

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I have personally owned around 12 vessels and have seen the positives and negatives in them all. From power to sailing vessels, petrol to diesel, 2 stroke to 4 and inboard and outboard. There is no one boat to suit everyone and everyones needs are different.
My aim is to provide the perfect selling and buying experience for people. Selling a boat can be an emotional experience and this can get in the way of a negotiation. Everyones budget is different and we all want bang for our buck.
My boating these days is mainly filled with my love fishing and family entertainment. Deep sea fishing and the electronics used is a passion of mine. The possibilities these days are endless, and having good working electronics and onboard and a knowledge of how to use them is of great interest to. The technology these days is unbelievable and gives the fisherman an enormous tool to work with, so much so we have to carefully observe the rules and regulations to make sure our fishery stays sustainable for our kids and the future.

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Through my time we have developed a love of the ocean and the many vessels available. Offshore and the Offshore Supply Industry to sailing small cats. We will be pleased to assist you, send us a message.